In five years to come Haki Maendeleo desires to contribute to an increase, not only numbers but also quality of representation of women and youth at district, regional and national policy making levels in Tanzania. HM expects this increase of participation to at least 40% representation in both  local governance and parliamentarian seats will happen before/during campaigns (e.g. demand for specific women and youth agendas) and immediately after the elections. This will be evidenced during and after the next general election in 2025. Digital violence against women’s rights to participate in processes that impact their socio- economic and political/decision making will also reduce by 2027.

At institutional level, in five years, HM expects to have strengthened its capacity in two core functions or service delivery areas, where funding has been limited or hard to get, since inception. Firstly, our research and advocacy program (public policy analysis, issuing policy briefs, town hall citizens-leaders’ engagements, etc) in human rights and championing participation of women and youth in good governance processes at district, regional and national levels will have largely improved. Secondly, HM will have built a strong legal aid support program, in collaboration with Tanzanian pro-bono lawyers offering services on socio-economic rights litigation for women and youth (land rights, economic rights, inheritance rights, labor rights, digital rights, reproductive health rights,etc).

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